Welcome to the first Progressive Web App (PWA) for Anaesthetics! Find out more below.

The next generation of logbook

Our user-friendly logbook automatically links your logbook cases to the Royal College of Anaesthetists curriculum, relevant journal articles and past exam questions from the Final FRCA written exam.

We designed forms that allow lightning fast data entry. Choose between free text, dropdown boxes or "Smart forms". Smart forms hide irrelevant procedures and anaesthetic techniques based on the speciality of your case. You can also prefill boxes by chosing an operation from your favourites or enter multiple cases in one go as shown in the video below.

Focusing on education

This is the first logbook that specifically focuses on education and exam revision. Our database covers hundreds of review articles from the BJA education, British Journal of Anaesthesia, Anaesthesia and New England Journal of Medicine. This is a fairly new database and new resources are being published on a weekly basis.

Linking cases to the curriculum allows you to have an overview of outstanding learning objectives that can be discussed in theatre.

Available offline

We have designed the first progressive web app for anaesthetics. Our app is available offline and can be installed to your phone, tablet or computer. This is fully functional but still under development. Our app uses the newest web technology and as such you will need an uptodate browser. Our app is tested on Chrome for Android, Windows and Chrome OS, but it should also works on iPhones and MacOS. Please contact us if you are interested in testing our app.

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